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DECOBOOM designs and manufactures pickguards and other specialty guitar parts. We use innovative techniques and quality materials to create works of art worthy of your guitar. 


Introducing the Navajo Collection

May 14, 2015

Decoboom proudly introduces the Navajo collection of engraved guitar pickguards.

The Navajo collection has been created to honor the rich heritage of the Navajo nation, and features artwork inspired by antique woven Navajo chief blankets and other tribal artwork. Browse the collection to find a pickguard for your guitar. 

Website Remodel: Introducing Decoboom Collections

May 12, 2015

Decoboom has now organized all of our designs into collections, which organize designs from a similar genre all into one place.
Effectsbay Interview

May 01, 2015

The good folks over at effectsbay.com interviewed Decoboom owner and creator Andrew Bingham about his pickguard designs. Here's what they had to say: A little while back Andrew contacted me letting me know about Decoboom and his unique style of engraving pickguards. I haven’t seen very many custom engraved pickguards so I was naturally curious. WOW. What he’s doing at Decoboom, is what I call next level. His engraving[s] are quite complex yet extremely elegant and work well the pickguard shape. I really thought he was on to something great, and wanted to learn more. I sent Andrew a few question[s] about Decoboom… Go here for the full interview at effectsbay.com.  Continue Reading →

Interview at TDPRI and Strat Talk

April 07, 2015

Alan Cross at TDPRI and Strat-Talk interviews Decoboom's Andrew Bingham about the art of plastic. Here is one highlight from the TDPRI interview: Alan: Plastic is often associated with cheapness and poor quality. How do you overcome that? Andrew: There is an old Andy Warhol quote, where he was talking about the perception of Hollywood being fake and plastic, and his response was just amazing. He simply said, “I love plastic. I want to be plastic.” I always refer back to that as a sort of ethos for my artistic work now: If you want authenticity, then find it in pouring yourself into your artwork, regardless of the material, and regardless of the method. If all you’ve got is three... Continue Reading →