When it comes to fine instrument building, it’s the details that separate you from the pack. In an industry where pickguards are viewed as an afterthought in guitar design, Decoboom has changed the game. Our pickguards are worthy of even the finest guitar builds, and our engraved neck plates and truss rod covers are equally stunning.

Whether you are a small-scale boutique guitar builder or a large-scale manufacturer, Decoboom provides innovative services that will take your brand to the next level. 

Please read this overview of our builder services, and contact us today to plan your collaboration with Decoboom. 



When you are looking to take your guitar build to the next level, choose from Decoboom’s deep and growing library of deep engraved and hand-painted pickguard designs. We use the highest quality materials available and use CNC technology for precise and repeatable results.

Once we have your pickguard shape in our file, the entire library of custom pickguard materials is available to your customers as an option for your future builds.

If our existing patterns don’t match your aesthetic, we are happy to discuss development of something that does. We are confident we can help you make your guitars truly special for your customers.

Please browse our pickguard designs and contact us to request specific samples of any designs you’d like to try on your next build. 



Our diamond-drag engraved neck plates offer a stunning look to finish your guitar. We offer several original designs, or we can engrave your logo, serial numbers, custom text, or other artwork on your neckplates.


We also do backplates and engraved truss rod covers in various styles and colors, made from the same quality plastics as our pickguard materials.



Decoboom is about more than just innovative design and manufacturing—we also have a deep love for classic and vintage guitars. For as much time as we spend designing stunning guitar parts that challenge the notion of what a guitar has to look like, we have to admit that sometimes you just can’t beat the looks of a mid-50s blonde Esquire with a white pickguard. (Or is it the blackguard that looks best?). Whatever your cup of tea, we agree that some designs are just timeless.

When you’re looking for that classic look, we’d love cut your guards. 

Choose from our quality American-made materials in bakelite, parchment, cream, black, white, and mint green, in single-ply and 3-ply versions. We can also source celluloid, tort, and other materials as needed.

As always, we stand behind our manufacturing and can promise to deliver you pickguards that are always a precise fit. We put tremendous care and attention into the craft of cutting pickguards, and we're confident you'll love working with us. 

Contact us today to learn more about our builder services, and how we can help you develop your brand.