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Custom Pickguard

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Custom Pickguard - Overview

We don't have a pickguard template for every model, but we can still make you a custom guard.

Fill out the text boxes here and complete the checkout process for a free quote.

Once we receive your request we will email you an invoice with a link for payment. 

Please keep in mind that we are happy to cut your custom pickguard shape from any of our existing materials, but we are not taking custom art requests. 

Pricing and Details

The standard template upcharge to create a custom pickguard template is $50.

This template fee is in addition to the price of whatever pickguard material you select for your project. 

We can create a custom guard from any of these materials (or other industry-standard pickguard materials), and the pricing shown for these listings generally reflects the guard cost, although it may vary depending on the size of your pickguard or the complexity of the project. We will be fair and transparent in pricing your custom project and do our best to answer your questions along the way. 

If we happen to have a template on file that is simply not listed on the website, the standard template fee may be reduced, or in rare cases, waived. Similarly, strange pickup or control configurations that are nonetheless able to use our existing templates for the overall shape may qualify for a slightly discounted setup fee. 

When we create a custom guard for you, we use our computer to carefully draft a digital vector to recreate the outline of your pickguard model. We then create tool paths for cutting, countersinking, and beveling your guard on our CNC. 

Once we have your template, we keep it in on file so you can order other guards using this template without paying the setup fee again.

Custom Template Instructions

If you wish to have Decoboom create a custom template for your model, you will need to either send us your guard, or email us a digital scan of the guard.

Mailing Instructions

If you wish to send the guard, please notify us first and provide us with tracking information. When sending the guard, include your information, and pack the guard with cardboard or foam to keep it from getting bent in transit.

Send the guard to:

1981 Nancy Ave. 
Los Osos, CA 

Scanning Instructions

If you wish to send us a scan of the guard, please scan the guard front AND back using a document scanner, at 400 dpi or greater resolution. Both JPEG or PDF formats are fine. As part of the scan, please include a ruler or 1" (one inch) reference box next to the guard to help us ensure that the file maintained the proper scale. If your guard is white, please make sure that you place an opaque colored paper behind the guard when scanning so that there is good contrast around the edges of the scan. 

Final Considerations

Finally, we ask that you make a careful effort to provide us with all the necessary information to create a precise template, and that you are confident in your material or design choices before making the final payment of your guard. It is very unlikely that we will ever be able to resell a one-off custom shape to another customer, so except in the case of a manufacturing defect or error, we cannot provide our standard exchange or refund if you change your mind about the pickguard configuration or material after we have created your guard. With that said, we work hard to have nothing but happy customers, and we will do everything we can to make sure this is a successful project. We simply ask that you be considerate of our time and efforts as well.