Interview at Telecaster Forum and Strat Forum

April 07, 2015 1 min read

Alan Cross at the World's Largest Telecaster Forum (TDPRI) and the Strat Forum (Strat-Talk) interviews Decoboom's Andrew Bingham about the art of plastic.

Here is one highlight from the TDPRI interview:

Alan: Plastic is often associated with cheapness and poor quality. How do you overcome that?

Andrew: There is an old Andy Warhol quote, where he was talking about the perception of Hollywood being fake and plastic, and his response was just amazing. He simply said, “I love plastic. I want to be plastic.” I always refer back to that as a sort of ethos for my artistic work now: If you want authenticity, then find it in pouring yourself into your artwork, regardless of the material, and regardless of the method. If all you’ve got is three chords to write a hit song, then make ’em count. If all we’ve got for pickguards is plastic, then let’s make the greatest piece of plastic known to man. Just don’t freaking pose at what you’re doing. Do it for real. How’s that for some cheap plastic philosophy?  

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