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The Kelvinator - Humbucker Cover - Gold Trim - Gold on White Face

Replace your stock humbucker cover with our original Kelvinator design. 

This cover features a gold-plated trim ring, with a white acrylic face that is reverse-engraved and painted gold.

The standard setup is not drilled for pole pieces for a clean aesthetic (please note that the current photo shows pole pieces drilled; stock is without holes). Because the face of the cover is made from acrylic, it is unnecessary to drill for pole pieces as with a conventional metal cover. As a further bonus, the blank cover is compatible with any standard-sized humbucker--no matter the spacing. 

If for some reason you'd like to have pole-piece holes drilled, contact us and for a small upcharge we can modify the face to your desired specs according to this guide

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.