THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS - Engraved Neckplate - Nickel

This diamond-drag engraved neck plate features our original This Machine Kills Fascists design.

The neckplate features chamfered screw holes and is made from nickel-plated steel. The dimensions are 2.51" high, 2.03" wide, and .081" thick. It weighs 55 grams.

It is compatible with most electric guitars and basses, using the industry-standard 4-bolt mounting system.

In the early 1940s, folk artist Woody Guthrie began writing protest songs against Hitler and the Nazis, and famously lettered his acoustic guitars with the phrase, "This Machine Kills Fascists." 

We designed this diamond-drag engraved electric guitar neckplate to honor this legacy, with our original Art-Deco "machine" brackets around Woody's iconic message. 

We can only imagine the beautiful damage Woody could have done with a Strat plugged into a tube amp.