Parchment - Stratocaster Pickguard - Single-ply Vinyl


Stratocaster pickguard cut by CNC for a precise fit, in parchment, made from quality 1-ply vinyl material that is .060" (~2 mm) thick. 

We typically stock this material in the 8-hole mounting pattern because of its historical ties to the 50s Strat models. We do occasionally stock this in the standard 11-hole standard or 11-hole vintage mounting versions of this material, which can be selected using the dropdown menu. If you're not sure which mounting pattern you need, check the guides in the picture gallery on this page. You may also download the Strat PDF Guide for printable templates.

We may be able to cut this design for your model with custom pickups, controls, or left-handed orientation; check our made-to-order page for availability or contact us with questions.