Pearloid White - Jaguar Pickguard - 4-ply Vinyl

Jaguar pickguard cut by CNC for a precise fit, in Pearloid White, made from quality 4-ply vinyl material that is .100" (~2.5 mm) thick. The layers are: Pearloid/White/Black/White.

This is a direct replacement pickguard for Fender Jaguar models using a standard vintage configuration, including current models such as the American Original '60s, Vintera '60s, and Johnny Marr models. It may not be a good match for some Squier or Japanese reissues. Check our reference page to ensure compatibility with your model and to download a printable PDF Guide for comparison.

We may also be able to cut this design for your model with custom pickups, controls, or left-handed orientation; check our made-to-order page for availability or contact us with questions.

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