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Telecaster Pickguard

"Spawn of Paisley" Telecaster Pickguard - Black


Spawn of Paisley engraved Telecaster pickguard, painted daphne blue, shell pink, and spring green on black acrylic.


This pickguard is reverse-engraved and painted by hand, providing a deep three-dimensional appearance to the artwork.

Because the guard is engraved and painted from the back, the design appears to float in the crystal-clear acrylic material and is protected from wear and tear.

Your pickguard will be cut to spec by CNC for a precise fit, with countersunk screw holes and chamfered edges.


This guard is cut for a Telecaster with standard neck pickup and 8-hole mounting configuration. Click hereto order a custom version of this pickguard for telecaster or another model, or contact us for assistance.

Please ensure compatibility with your particular model.


$4 first class shipping in the continental USA; $22 worldwide.


Guitar Parts Reference Guide

Decoboom offers several popular pickguard shapes that can be cut from any of our universal engraved patterns or classic materials.

If you are looking for a shape or configuration not listed here, please contact us. We are experts at creating custom configurations or custom shapes that will fit your needs. 

For example, we can do a Strat pickguard with three P90 pickups, a Jazzmaster pickguard without the upper controls, or a Tele pickguard with a custom neck pickup route (such as a humbucker or a Charlie Christian pickup). We can also create a custom shape profile for uncommon pickguard shapes, or to help you with your own original creation. The possibilities are endless for customization; simply contact us for more information.

The list below is not exhaustive, but please use the following PDF templates as a reference for some of the more common pickguard shapes we offer, and contact us if you need help in any way. 



Esquire 5-Hole

Esquire 8-Hole

Telecaster 5-Hole

Telecaster 8-Hole

Tele Thinline '69

Tele Thinline '72

Tele Custom

Tele Deluxe



Stratocaster 11-hole Standard ('63-Present)

Stratocaster 8-hole ('54-'59, '57 Reissue)

Stratocaster 11-hole Vintage ('59-'63, '62 Reissue)

Stratocaster Custom Pickup Placement Guide

Stratocater Vintage-Style Tremolo Cover



Jaguar (Vintage, AVRI, etc.)



Jazzmaster (Vintage, AVRI, etc.)




Cabronita Especial (no neck pickup)



Precision Bass 10-hole

Precision Bass 13-hole



Jazz Bass 10-hole

Jazz Bass 11-hole



Please be aware that Fender made a slight modification to the Mustang Bass PJ Bass at some point after its initial release; we offer both versions, but ask that you double-check your pickguard with both of these templates to see which template fits your model. 

Mustang Bass PJ - Template Version 1

Mustang Bass PJ - Template Version 2

Mustang Bass PJ - Version 1 and 2 Overlay Comparison


Les Paul Standard