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STREAMLINE - Les Paul Pickguard - Plastics Set


Decoboom's Streamline plastics set for your Les Paul guitar features matching pickguard, toggle switch ring, and truss rod cover.

The pickguard features original artwork engraved on high-quality 5-ply acrylic, while the truss rod cover and toggle switch ring features engraved 3-ply acrylic. 

The Artwork

"You know you're my streamline woman, you make my electro kick off right."

-Muddy Waters

The design is manufactured by engraving acrylic with carbide-tipped steel bits. We start with a custom-made acrylic, which we then engrave using a rotary CNC engraver. We set the depth of the tool to engrave down through the top layer, revealing the contrasting color of the middle layer. By engraving, rather than printing, we create a design with depth and contour--a work of art that will last through the ages.

Made to Fit Your Les Paul

We will cut this material according to your specifications using a CNC for a precise fit, with countersunk screw holes and beveled edges. 

Please use our reference guide to ensure compatibility with your particular Les Paul model, and feel free to contact us for assistance.


$4--USA (USPS First Class)
$15--Canada (USPS First Class International)
$22--All other international locations (USPS First Class International)

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