Streamline - Telecaster Pickguard - Black/White/Black

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Telecaster pickguard cut by CNC for a precise fit, engraved with our Streamline design on black/white/black acrylic. The artwork is deep engraved into the middle layer of the 3-ply material, providing a visual depth and durability that no printed design can match.


Configure your pickguard using the dropdown menus, following the descriptions below as well as the guides in the product gallery on this page. Please note that the photograph of the guard is for aesthetic reference only--and rest assured that the guard will be made to specification according to your dropdown selections.


Choose from a 5-hole or 8-hole mounting pattern.


Choose from the following pickup options: 

Tele Neck 

Cut for a standard Tele pickup in the neck. 

Tele Neck - Modern (with mounts) 

Cut for a Tele pickup in the neck, with two additional holes drilled on either side of the pickup route that allow you to hang the pickup from the guard. 


Cut without a neck pickup route. 


Cut for custom pickups. We have templates for dozens of common pickup options -- such as Strat, Humbucker, P90, or Nashville Deluxe pickup configurations -- to name a few. Feel free to order and reserve you guard with the custom option, and contact us with your details. After we receive your specs, we will modify the guard to your specifications using our customization jig. In some cases we may need to invoice you  an additional amount for rare or complicated custom pickup projects that require more setup. Please reach out if you have any questions, or if you want to discuss your custom needs before ordering. 


This guard is a direct replacement pickguard for Fender Telecaster models made in the USA and Mexico. The guard may not fit some models from Fender MIJ, Squier, or other brands. Please check our reference page to ensure compatibility with your model and to download a printable PDF Guide for comparison.

We may also be able to cut this design in a left-handed orientation; please contact us  for this and any other custom needs.