Tort Mars Red - Mustang PJ Bass Pickguard - 4-ply Celluloid


Mustang PJ Bass pickguard cut by CNC for a precise fit in Tort Mars Red, made from quality 4-ply celluloid material that is .1" (~2.5 mm) thick. The layers are Tort/Parchment/Black/Parchment.

This is a direct replacement pickguard for Fender Mustang PJ Bass models.

We may also be able to cut this design for your model with custom pickups, controls, or left-handed orientation; check our made-to-order page for availability or contact us with questions.

Please note that Fender used a slightly different pickguard profile for the Mustang Bass PJ during the first few months of production (late 2016). If your model was made in 2017 or after, this guard should be a perfect fit. For 2016 models, please check our reference page to ensure compatibility with your model and to download a printable PDF Guide for comparison.

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